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Lever Action Rifles

I have always been a lever action fan from my earliest days. I like the .22 lever actions in the Winchester brand.

The Winchester Brand is my personal favorite in the Model 88, in the .308 Caliber.

Browning makes some real nice lever action rifles in many calibers. Nonetheless, I still go for the Winchester lever action rifles.

You may not know that Winchester is out of business; and Browning bought the line for the shot guns primarily.

The Winchester lever actions like the beautiful 9422 XTR, will never be made again so the value keeps going up; as with my Model 88's too.

I believe, Marlin makes a pretty good lever action too.

I bought my Model 88's used and love them. They shoot very well and are very quick in chambering a new cartridge.

In picking a lever action you want to be sure that it discharges the empty cartridge to the side so you can mount a scope on top of the action. Some Winchester Model 94, 30-30's had the empty cartridge discharge on top that made scope mounting difficult or impossible. Marlin, caught on to this Winchester problem, for 30-30's and ensured that the discharge was on the side making scope mounting practical.

Once in awhile one can find a deal on a Winchester lever action that is like money in the bank.

I hope this helps with your decisions

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