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Thanks for the reply. I bought a couple bare receivers, and want to build a gun or two. I may have waited to long. I haven't been able to find any uppers or barrels in 18-20 in the RRA varmint. Only 24 inch. My mind isn't totally set on Rock River, I just thought that being it was a wylde chamber, and a heavy barrel, it might make an accurate rifle. I have a ton of 55 grain 223 and a little 5.56 62gr. Being these are a 1:8 twist, I thought the A4 RRA would be a good choice. I'm kinda new at this, and would be all ears if someone had any other suggestions, or know where I could find some 18-20 inch bull barrels or complete uppers. Even though I'm not familiar with ARs at all, I'd feel compfortable assembling them as long as someone gave me some guidance on what parts to use. I would even feel OK about parting off the barrel and recrowning it myself. I used to do some machine work. I used to run a lathe and mill. I used to make axles, cut splines the old fashioned way for obsolete equipment using a lathe, and horizontal mill w/ a dividing head. I might be kinda skeptical on wether the inside taper of a 24" would be the same as a 20" for the first 20" though. If I had access to both barrels, a person could drop some guage pins though them to check inside diameter at given points. I thank you for your response, and like you say, thats probally a whole lotta unessary weight and obstacle to be lugging around
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