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While 44 Magnum cases are pretty dear, I imagine that 9mm, 7.62mm and other popular calibers are plentiful. A tubing cutter can cut the cases down to approximate size to drop the charge weight you want, then trimming with a case trimmer or merely a chamfer tool can fine-tune cases to the precise charge weight you want. Then label the cases with the powder and weight they throw, or, better yet, make a chart to relate the cases to powder/charge, just like the Lee chart.

Stiff plastic wire-ties make dandy handles and eliminate the need for soldering wires onto the cases.

Keep in mind that each powder will vary in density and even each powder lot of the same type will vary somewhat so periodic re-calibration might be in order.

Still, it is better than trickling each charge up to weight in sub-zero temperatures.

Lost Sheep

p.s. I still recommend setting up your current press with a portable mount as wuluf suggested and working in the house where it's warm. Just always use a dropcloth to keep your floor free of spills of powder or primer dust.
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