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Don't drop it. My friend did...the front sight disappeared
Magicial gun? is it one of those like "clap on lights" when you hit it the light comes on, but in this case the front sight goes on/off? o.O

I traded back my P22 to family member, bought the Taurus 94 with the money. Didn't like my P22, worked best with federal red bulk pack. Though it would have 5-10 failure to load in 50-100 shots. Pot metal slide, not my thing. I was thrilled to get the P22 at first, and was fun to learn on cheap ammo. When I get the 94 I just drooled over it, didn't have to pay $30 a magazine to shoot and saves on my fingers from compressing magazine.

It's still a fun little gun that can be used, if I got one in a trade for something I would just keep it for fun and ignore the bad on it. I wouldn't recommend intentionally buying one new though.

When you start talking about using CCI ammo to shoot so it doesnt have failure to load, then it defeats the point of cheap shooting. $14 a box of 100 CCI or $20 a box of 550 federal bulk pack........

Then again I am just some guy on the internet with my thoughts on it, others will say different. Test it out and see if you like it, if not sell it and buy something else.
Has Taurus really spent more on shipping customers their firearms back to them than actual sales?

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