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James K
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I have two Model 96's, a Model 98, a 96 carbine and a Model 98 carbine upgraded to Model 99 specs.

They are interesting rifles. One thing that always puzzled me was why U.S. ordnance insisted on making a safety lug out of the rear lug, which is a locking lug on the Danish and Norwegian Krags. I recently handled two Krags converted to .308 Winchester where the gunsmith had worked the guns over so that both lugs bore. (I still don't like that conversion, though!)

I have read the books and some stuff I have seen, but have not seen an answer to that question that makes sense.

Another poster wondered why the Krag was adopted when Mauser used a stripper clip and a better magazine. But the Model 1889 Mauser was tested and the Army felt that having a magazine that could be replenished without opening the bolt and taking the rifle out of action was better than having clip loading capability. Now why that darned "safety lug"?

Jim K
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