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RUN, and RUN FAST and FAR!!!!
If you hang around Black Powder long enough it becomes an addiction!!!
Too late for the rest of us, SAVE YOURSELF!!!

Seriously, just ask away there is a lot of experience hanging around here.

My suggestion to a new BP shooter is to choose a gun you are going to enjoy and shoot repeatedly. My first BP gun was a flint lock rifle that I soon got frustrated with (because I was learning all on my own and didn't have anyone to ask) I couldn't get the flint to spark regularly so I sold it and didn't try BP again for many years. Then, I chose a Hawkins Clone in 50cal but went with a percussion lock system instead and shot it as often as I could!!!! much better experience.

I then moved to percussion revolvers and fell in love, where were these when I was younger? And now, I'm beginning to mess with BP cartridges for my Cowboy Action Shooting. Did I mention the addiction part?

Good luck.
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