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Picher Im using a synthetic stock with an aluminum bedding block. Not saying that glass bedding wont help, it probably would, but it does sit pretty tight in the stock even with the action screws loosened. Speaking of those screws, is action screw torque a big deal when you have a bedding block? Seems to me that it wouldnt matter as much as it would on a wood stock. I just got mine good and tight with a 1/4" ratchet and called it good. Should I have been more precise? Also the main reason that I posted this thread was just to see what kind of factory loads were giving the best accuracy in a .25-06 with a 1:10 twist and would especially like to hear from someone with a Howa/Vanguard in this caliber that has found their most accurate factory load. I realize each rifle is different but im trying to develop a general consensus of what to try next since I cant afford to just go out and buy every brand in every bullet weight to try all at once. But if after Ive tried every factory load I can get my hands on and I still havent seen 1 moa, then I will definitely be considering muzzle recrowning, glass bedding, and handloading. For a hunting rifle shooting 300 yards and under, I think if I can reach the 1 moa mark I will be satisfied and confident enough with it to let it be. Hopefully just switching brands of ammo will get me there, but with my track record of luck it wont be that easy.

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