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Quentin2 - I'm not in the market for a handle and don't like detachable handles anyway (either the gun has it or it doesn't and if it doesn't, why bother?). Anyway, what's wrong with the Chinese knock offs? I've never seen one before. Is it material, fabrication technique, workmanship?
4V50 Gary, the main problem with the Chinese carry handles is not knowing what you're getting. They could be decent quality or they could be lightweight airsoft versions. I've only looked at a few copies and they looked inferior to US forged units. I have not bothered to test one, no doubt some are acceptable but which ones? I saw one that didn't cinch down well on the top rail and I'm sure wouldn't hold zero over a long range session.

Anyway here's a quick listing of what turned up at

I have bought quite a few carry handles over the years and always get ones forged at Cardinal, Anchor Harvey or Cerro Forge. Used they cost about the same as the knockoffs do.

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