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Aker Nightguard for a Glock 30?

Well, Aker doesn't offer the Nightguard holster (holster for the weapon + tactical light) for the Glock 30. After a few quick emails with Aker, I was told that buying the holster for the Glock 21 would be fine, as the holster was made for the length of the light, not the barrel/slide.

Seem legit to me, so I ordered the G21 holster earlier today.

However, looking at the holsters offered, I'm a bit doubtful. For example they offer the holster for the G17 and a seperate one for the G19. If the barrel/slide didn't matter, why would they need to have two seperate holsters?

Can any one alleviate (or validate) my fears here? Worst case I just return it, so it's not the end of the world, but it looks like a fine holster, and one of the few I could find to accomodate my light.
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