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.45 Auto is a good round to start with. As is .38 Spcl. Lots of choices for bullet weights, and powders. Most of them work very well.

If you can go to a local library see if they have The ABC's of Reloading, or one of the other reloading manuals. The local library here had it though it was checked out. They did have the Nostler 1st.

Lyman 49th is a great one for info. Though the Pistol & Revolver 3rd is awesome for beginning with handgun reloading. A lot more simple explanation, and more geared for handgun loading.

Before buying equipment read some beginner's literature to understand the starting steps.

Oh and for the turret. Get the Classic Turret, with the Pro Auto Disc, the riser for it, and the Safety Prime. This is one of those things that getting it now saves down the road. No need to buy upgrades later.
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