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I have a break in cooking dinner at the moment. So I will chime in for a bit.

Some of my best memories in life happened in the tack room of Paw Paw's barn learning about how to use the reloading press. It was over 20 years later before I did it on my own. (Still have some of his .38 spcl. loads BTW.)

For some folks simple buying in bulk is the way to go. The money they would have used on a equipment, and components would have bought a lot of loaded ammo. They would have had way more time to watch TV, or spend with the people that matter to them.

Most of my reloading, and casting happen when my wife is either asleep, or at work. We try to maximize the time we get together due to different work schedules. (we have no children between the two of us so no neglected young 'uns in the mix there.)
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