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I have several--"dream shotguns" that I still shoot. These are not $20K plus guns, they are not Kreighoff's, Merkels, Perazzis or H&Hs but they fit me and I shoot them all well. Citori, Winchester and Weatherby do me just fine but recently my tune has changed. These guns are all 12ga. hunting shotguns and weigh in the 7-8 lbs. range.

I went hunting a few days ago with my buddies in Arkansas. We usually get together once a year to hunt quail. Long story short--my "dream" guns are too heavy for this mid-sixties body. Upland game doesn't require alot of heavy loads--something in the 7/8-1oz. range, soooo I'm now in the market for a new "dream" gun in 20 or even 28ga. OU or SA. My buddies were all carrying new 20s or 28s. A Browning Cynergy Synthetic stock in 20 gauge featherweight would be just about right for me.

Next time I won't be the old fart lagging and dragging and buying the drinks 'cause I killed the fewest birds.
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