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Went to the LGS ....

...And picked up the revolver I purchased....mentioned above.

This revolvers is much similar to the Heritage Arms revolvers being marketted right now.

The most striking similarity is the fact that there are a great many external parts that are cast from white metal and then coated or treated to resemble (unsuccessfully) bluing.

Trigger guard, backstrap, loading gate, ejector housing and ejector tab are all white metal.

I did't like that and so I tried swapping the trigger guard and backstrap with one from an 1860 Brass Frame Army from ASM.

It worked perfectly. Parts fit like a glove including the spring.

I think I also said that the grips on the recently acquired Peacemaker are pearl and were originally made for a Vaquero. So I swapped out the grips, put them on my Vaquero and again, a very good fit.

So now I have a Vaquero with nice pearl grips. I Geroco Peacemaker clone with brass externals, and an 1860 Army with a brass frame, white metal trigger guard and backstrap and Ruger grips.

Here are some pre cleanup photos

Notice how large the grips are for the revolver.

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