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I gave a Ruger to a college graduate,,,

Mike is a poor but honest college boy,,,
He works at my favorite watering hole for years,,,
He's been schlepping food and beer to me for all those years.

A couple summers ago I invited him to go shooting,,,
He did just fine and we went to the range on many occasions.

When he was about to graduate I wanted to do something a bit special for him,,,
I took a look in my gun cabinet and decided the one I could part with,,,
Ruger 22/45 Mk-III with 4.5" slab-side barrel and fixed sights.

When I first got back into shooting,,,
This was the first pistol I bought to practice with

I take kids from the watering hole shooting all the time,,,
There is one young lady who has impressed me,,,
She showed a real interest and a level head.

Come this May she is getting a Charter Arms Target Pathfinder,,,
And a custom gun-belt and holster made by me.

I make the gunbelt and holster for Pistol Pete, my school's mascot,,,
I've decided she will get a Tom Threepersons rig,,,
Dyed and tooled like the Pistol Pete rigs.

This Christmas my Brother's 15 year old adopted son will get his choice,,,
He can have my Mossberg 702 Plinkster or my Henry Accubolt,,,
Both of them are chambered for .22 LR.

I wonder which one he will pick.


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