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Another thought, related to what Reloader28 said about slugging your bore. Of course, that is an excellent idea. I wouldnt mind knowing the exact diameter of all my bores. The logic is sound.

On the other hand, if you do decide to shoot lead there is nothing wrong with picking up a small amount of standard .356" dia hardcast bullets from whatever inexpensive source you find and seeing how they work in your gun(s). Chances are very good that you have a "normal" sized 9mm bore and they will work perfectly. I have never sized the bores in my 9mm, .380s, .38/.357 or .45 and I shoot nominal sized lead in all of them with excellent results (nominal being .356" for 9mm/.380acp, .358" for .38/.357, .452" for .45acp). No leading, pinpoint accuracy.

If you pickup 250 .356" diameter hardcast bullets and they shoot great with no leading you are good to go. Feel free to order way in bulk. If you see leading and cant find a load that doesnt lead by the time you are done with the 250, then you might want to see if you have a big bore. Chances are very good that wont be the case.
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