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Tom Matiska, your post is exactly what was going on, the fired case would go back in and chamber fine but would not after resizing, I use a dry neck lube and even tried a qtip rolled over my lube pad and lubed the inside of the necks to make them come back over the expander plug with very little resistance on the down stroke but that stil didn't fix the problem, as I previously stated I was full length resizing, with the shell holder at the top of the press stroke I screw the sizer die down til it contacts the top of the shell holder then go about another 1/8th turn so that the shell holder slightly cams on the bottom of the sizer die when at top of press stroke, this is as full length sizing as I could go! By removing the small amount off the top of the shell holder and readjusting my sizer die the same as above mentioned about an 1/8th of a turn at a time til the cases started to chamber fine with no stickiness when closing the bolt. Like I said it worked great and instead of messing with a new die I chose to take the small amount of material off the top of the shell holder instead as it is doing the exact same thing.
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