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I love -- LOVE used stuff. I love used guns more than anything, but I am always on the look-out for used handloading gear. But I'm in a different spot than you are as I am quite familiar with loading gear, so I can assess used gear if it's a hands-on purchase... and sometimes, I can assess it through pics or descriptions.

But there's a whole other angle to used Handloading gear that I want to point out -- and why you should probably avoid it right now. Quite simply, most of it is NO SAVINGS WHATSOEVER.

It's a really odd market...used equipment often goes for nearly new prices and in some cases, higher than new prices. "How?!", you might say.

Well, it seems to boil down to it being equipment that is either not imported or simply "restricted" in foreign countries, yet still in demand. When buying something used (especially off Ebay), a buyer in a foreign country is simply getting old, used mechanical parts. Very non-specific and flies under the radar. They pay BIG for the ability to get the stuff.

For a brand new handloader in North America, you are best off simply buying new equipment. There are some deals in used, but they aren't so easy to find and you might simply not know what you are buying.

Suggestion: Buy a Lee Classic Turret and spend a little more money than you might want to and purchase a quality powder measure. I use & recommend a Lyman 55, but many are quite happy with the RCBS or Hornady measure. I like Lee dies the best and I don't need the FCD so I buy the 3-die sets.

Absolutely get one or two manuals and read them. Very interesting and insightful, and a reference you'll have and refer to until they bury you.
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