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While I would not recommend getting involved in a firefight where you did not know the circumstances, such as the examples already given of two rival drug gangs in a shootout or undercover law enforcement officers in a shootout with bad guys,,,there are other situations where I would definitely engage.

I suppose since it is not sensational or newsworthy to some, that you do not hear too much where a law abiding concealed carry citizen stops a gunman from committing mass murder…And I have always thought that a law abiding citizen or citizens with concealed carry permits and legally carrying deadly force and who acted, could have POSSIBLY stopped every mass murder shooting we have had in recent years.

If you are sitting in a restaurant or movie theater or shopping mall or school classroom (Yes I know you cannot carry there which is the problem) and you see a gunman come in with a rifle or handgun or shotgun and start murdering innocents, I would say engage, this can be hazardous with innocents trampling each other scrambling for the exits, and even though you engage, the gunman might be killed or wounded or run off and therefore stop the murdering, there is also the chance he will return fire endangering you and everyone around you, however if he is already slaughtering those around him which is the greater risk to engage or not engage? You could also be killed by another citizen or law enforcement who did not know you were the good guy. But life is full of risks and these are unknowns as opposed to the killer murdering more people with no one trying to stop him.

If I remember correctly in this last tragedy, there were six adults killed, all Women, all Unarmed, all Heroes, who tried to protect the Children and stop the gunman.

If I as an Armed Man do not have the Incredible Courage of an Unarmed Woman,,,then what has the World come to?
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