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i'm going to jump in with a simple observation. Its pretty easy saying if x happens then I am going to do y. If you have never pulled that trigger on another human being you really dont know - period.

We all think that we could make that well thought out decision weighing the law versus exposure to liability. We all would like to think that your inner Clint Eastwood would take over and everything will be done with speed, precision, and a remarkable calmness.

and sure after the police let you go home that night Im sure everyone hopes they will sleep well and go to work the next morning knowing you did the right thing and the perp was deserving of his fate.

But my guess is that 99.99% of people here dont believe that for a second

If your well trained your training is going to kick in and your adrenaline is going to dump into your system and your going to go on auto pilot. All your fine motor skills are going to be in the next county. its all going to be gross motor skills and narrowed focus. If you have trained to the point of muscle memory your in essence going to be along for the ride.

Any post that says "this is how im going to act" or says "I would not have done it that way" is probably wishful thinking.

As to the op s point I dont think any state's DA would press charges if someone stopped an armed robbery in progress or stopped someone in the act of trying to kill another but dont tell me that your subsequent actions are going to be well thought out.

All great plans last until first contact
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