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I went with the Lee Breech Lock Kit and soon upgraded almost everything in the kit but the single stage press. The scale will work but not with my old eyes. Moved up to a balance beam that I could read without having to get out my flashlight to read the scale. Also upgraded to the Auto disk powder measure.

If I had to do over I'd just buy a single stage press and find a nice set of scales. Lee's Breech lock press serves me well. I thought I'd move up to a Lee turret press but have found no need to.

The 45acp is a great low pressure round to start with. I load in batchs and have found this to be a fun and relaxing hobby. I use Bullseye powder for light loads and Universal Clays for hotter loads, but there's only about a million loads out there.

The single stage easily keeps up with my shooting needs and always have ammo on hand. Good luck with your choice of press and scale. Come on in the waters fine.
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