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If the wedge were making solid contact at the muzzle end of the arbor slot, then the barrel lug slot at the frame end shouldn't be getting battered.

If the tolerance of the arbor slot at the muzzle end isn't close enough to the size of the wedge, then it may get worse.
But if it doesn't get any worse then it could just be that it's settling in.
It's better for the barrel lug slot to be too tight at the frame end than too loose because being loose could open up the barrel cylinder gap over time.
That would be the same with having a loose arbor slot at the muzzle end.
If it's only that the barrel lug slot is a little bit tight at the frame end, then I would guess that any battering would only be very minor.
Should keep an eye on the amount of battering and the barrel cylinder gap.
The worst would probably be if the arbor slot and wedge aren't properly mated at the muzzle end of the arbor slot where you can't really see how it fits after the wedge is inserted.
Then the amount of battering would denote the amount that the tolerance of the parts are off by from being perfectly mated. That is unless the steel is softer than expected.
Is the barrel lug slot only getting battered on one side or both?

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