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That may be but we all come from different backgrounds and have different attitudes. Me, I am a career LEO, with time as a US Army MP thrown in. I am also a competitive shooter, and yes I am a gamer too. I live in the stick's now too, having been a big city cop there is no draw for me to the city lights.

In my retirement years my ROI has changed, an assault on my or mine and/or a murder being committed in front of me. It's one of those things that you know what you have when you see it. No I am not getting involved in a drug war, but I will not stand by and watch some snot nosed brat slaughter people.

Ability - Mindset - Tools for the job.

Carry a real gun. I was about to start carrying just a snubby and 911 happened. Now I carry a Glock 24/7, If I may get in a fight I want the best tool for the job.
My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.
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