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Maybe I didn't make it quite obvious enough that I wasn't making a case for lasers. To reiterate; I can see how they could be useful for people with fading eyesight, or in a few specific situations, but - as I said before - for me they're not worth it.
My bad. I re-read what you wrote and realize where I got it wrong. You were making the case that they can be useful in certain situations that SWAT/Soldiers/etc find themselves in. Not as much in a typical civilian self defense situation. I apologize.

Luckily, it gave the the opportunity to attempt to debunk anyone using the "If it's good enough for military/swat/whatever, it's good enough for us!" arguments, if it ever came to that.

Yes I am - why because of all military people these are one of the groups who's primary job is direct engagement.
Care to rebut my argument? Just curious. The whole, "the military uses it, so we should too!" doesn't work in almost every circumstance.
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