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Mobuck wrote:

It seems there's quite a difference in how members of the various gun forums view their role as CCW licensees in the cruel world.
Of course,we are a diverse group. Some have Military or LE training, Some have professional instruction, some have none of the above but, have the mindset that they are responsible for their own defense. As such, there will be diverse reactions by each individual.

how do you or would you live with yourself after "allowing" others to be murdered knowing you had the resource to stop the action?
That depends on your definition of "resource" If you simply mean "because I have a firearm" That is a flimsy resource if you do not have intel about the dynamic of the situation occurring.

If you are inside your home, and an intruder comes in, you have a pretty good idea that there is a clear, and present danger to yourself, or your family. It is relatively easy to spot the "bad guy". However, out in public it is much more difficult, as others have pointed out, to know the actors, as you generally might not have "the rest of the story". At that point you must assess the situation, and determine your best course of action, Finding cover, and concealment and preparing a defense is the first step. The rest will depend greatly on the situation as it unfolds, and your own experience, and training level. Surviving, and being a good witness are paramount.

45_auto wrote:

Most city folk seem to have a realistic view of the amount of protection they can expect from law enforcement, while rural folk are unpleasantly surprised when something happens and the sheriff doesn't immediately appear.
I disagree, As MLeake wrote:

45_auto, having lived in cities and in the countryside, I think you have it backwards.

I know a lot more city folk who think the police will protect them. Most country folks I know realize police response times (any EMS response times) will be relatively long. Most of my neighbors out in the sticks have firearms, and many carry - though some more for snakes and coyotes than for bad guys.

I suspect most of us out in the sticks are also more likely to have (and know how to use) first aid kits and fire extinguishers, again because of longer EMS response times.
This has been my experience as well.
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