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There is nothing at all wrong with the 30 cal 220 gr bullet for short range hunting.

The bullet would actually be a good round to about 200 yards.

They wont come apart, yet they will penetrate quite well and do what damage is necessary. If you go to FMJ 220 Pills they well kill anything on this earth.

I've been playing with my 30-40 Krag and chose the 220 grn bullet @ 2000 FPS and my go to round. The sights of the Krag are designed for this round & velocity.

If sighted in for 175 yards, it will be 6 inches low at 225 and 3.6 inches high at 100 yards. Thats well within the 10-11 inch vital area of a deer size animal.

I just finished reading (again) Young's Book "Alaska-Yukon Trophy's Won and Lost.(great book by the way) where they hunted the Alaska Yukon area in the early 1900s. One of the hunters carried a 30-40 and was used to down bear when hunters with other rifles wounded the animals.

The 220 gr solids also were used sucessfully penitrating the thick skulls of elephants in the later haydays of ivory hunting.

220 gn bullets aren't long range target rounds, but are highly effective at short ranges on just about any medium or large game you choose to peruse.

So to the OP, if you like your 220 pills, and they work in your stile of hunting, then by all means use them.
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