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Blowing Snot

I have a grandson that just turned 5 this year, and he is ALL about hunting and fishing. He carries his toy rifle every time he gets out of the house, in the yard ,just in case he sees a buffalo, or lion, or any of a dozen other make believe game animals, that cross his mind.

I live on the outskirts of town, and have a deer population about 50 yards from the house, although I don't hunt them, they have come in real handy for training every one of my kids to hunt over the years.

In September, I took him out to the old ground blind thats been there forever, and sat him next to me on a couple of milk crates. I explained to him that he had to stay real still, and quiet. After we had been sitting there probably 1/2 an hour, I heard something coming from behind us, that was going to come out right next to his side of the blind, and was to close for me to let him know ahead of time.

As the deer began to appear out of the corner of my eye, I could tell it was an old doe, that had been there for years, and was no more that 18" from the side of grandson before she caught us.

She let out that blowing sound, that we all know means YOUR BUSTED, right into his face. The hair blew up on the front of his head, she was so close. He jumped up, ran over the top of me, knocking me off of my crate, out the other side of the brush blind, and was 1/2 way home before I could catch him. I was laughing so hard I couldn't run. When we got back to the house Mrs. WBB asked him if he got to see a deer and he told her, and I quote " yes mi-mi but you don't want to shoot the does, they'll blow snot on you"
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