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Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
It's the blah, blah sporting use argument:
That one annoys me too, but it is a smart way to argue a restriction of the right.

Principled defense of a right is literally abnormal. Normal people go about their lives and so long as someone doesn't bother them pretty directly, they don't worry about it much. This makes it easy for a fellow with a shotgun who only shoots a couple of geese a year to run for an illusory middle ground of banning almost everything else.

The NRA likes to tell us how many americans own firearms, but a lot of those people don't perceive their use as part of the same right as other peoples' uses. It is somewhat like the phenomenon of people supporting free speech rights for those with whom they agree. It is a natural but regrettable reflex, and arguments that play on that reflex work.
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