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No replies yet but I see a bunch of folks have viewed the thread. Figured I would update it once and then move on.

I picked up a Noveske MUR from raniers yesterday. I was crazy watching their inventory evaporate over the weekend. The MUR is the only one let in stock. I paid more than I wanted to for an upper but I figured if I am going to overpay at some point, I might as get an upgraded upper at least.

I am hoping that with a lower and upper in hand I can safely hold off making any additional purchases for a while (maybe next summer). I dont want to skimp on this build so the more I can spread it out, the better parts I can afford.

If there is anything other part of the build that is expected to be in short supply going forward though, I will suck it up and make another purchase. I am about $350 in as it is (had to overpay for a lower since I live in MA and my options were limited)
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