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Hey v450 the best shot of the Tripod Gatling Come right after the commanding officer is wounded and Tuco & Blondie promise to blow the bridge.. Both wait to hijack a stretcher... That is the point in the movie you see the tripod gatling with a Broadwell drum no less.. In a few other panning shots of the trenches you will see that drummed gatling again and if you look close you will see its on a tripod also.. (I am sure the same one)

Give me a bit to get home, I have my timeline notes on the creation of the Gatling gun But at the time of the riots there may have been only 1 Gatling gun in the world (the test one).. At the time when the New York Times is claiming 3..

The Trouble with the early years of the Gatling gun, Its like Tracking what gun Custer took with him to the Little Big Horn. There are no real in the time Notes or diaries with exact dates that document who had what when.. You have look at shadows and do a bit of guessing...
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