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As long as you arent using load data for hot fmj loads you are fine. Here is one way to think of it- plated bullets have slightly more resistance in the barrel than lead, but less resistance that jacketed. Generally speaking, if you use lead load data for plated you will see slightly reduced velocities than advertised, if you use jacketed data you will see slightly higher velocities. This is oversimplified, of course, but the bottom line is if you start with a good starting load for lead you are fine all the way up until the advertised lead data says 1250fps. There is no need to go that high of course, if you are looking for a medium powered range load you will find something that cycles well and is accurate between 1000-1100fps (about where your led sweet spot would be).

From Berry's: We recommend using hard cast load data or start with mid-range jacketed data. Make sure data is below 1250fps unless you are using a Thick-Plated bullet

I would add to that if you do start out your plated load testing right at the minimum starting charge for lead take a little extra care that you dont stick a bullet in the barrel. This is just a precaution since the plated does have a little more resistance than lead due to the thin copper coating. You will only be testing 5-10 at this minimum load anyway, and this is good advice for any projectile when you are at the minimum charge.
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