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I used a .22-250 for years and always used 55 Sierra Blitz bullets, but now the hot bullets like Hornady V-Max are probably even better.

In Maine, we have heavily-sodded fields that don't show misses with light varmint rounds very well. When we first started hunting woodchucks with 30-06s, as practice for deer hunting, we could easily spot misses, especially low shots, by the large cloud of earth thrown up.

With the .22-250, we needed to be more careful in determining range because if we missed, there would often be no dirt cloud. One day, we estimated the range to be farther than it was and probably overshot a standing chuck that was about 250 yards away. Two of us fired about 5 shots each and never touched it. Of course, that was before laser rangefinders were available.

Today, it's very hard to find woodchucks in fields here because there are too many people with great varmint rifles/ammo. About the only places their dens are exposed for long distances is along roadways and other places where most people can't shoot.
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