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If the truth be known, most people are self absorbed they wouldn't notice if you had a Four Duce Mortar stuck in your pants pocket.

I was reminded of this just about a year ago. I carry a 642 in my pocket and its dern near impossible to detect. I had no worries about printing.

Well last Dec I had to go to a funeral in Portland. I flew out there and only needed a carry on, I didn't want to fool with check baggage so I couldn't take my revolver.

My son met me at the airport and brought me a gun, a small to mid size semi with a belt holster. I only needed a light jacket and was constantly pulling it down to cover the muzzle. My son laughed and reminded me people are self absorbed with their own life and wouldn't notice UNLESS I kept pulling on my jacket tail.

So I just figure to heck with it, if it shows it shows, I was legal (I carry per the LEOSA plus Oregon always, even pre LEOSA, allowed retired cops from any state to carry).

Never had a problem. No one saw the pistol (or said anything about it). Now understand I stay with my daughter who lives in Happy Valley, when every one is at work and I'm left to my own, I hang around the Clackamas Mall, between REI (who gets most of my money when I'm in Portland), Barnes and Noble, and mostly setting at Star Bucks outside tables, drinking coffee, smoking, and reading (maybe a bit of eyeballing the nice looking ladies going in and out that mall, very pleasing to my old eyes).

Everyone was content on doing their own thing, I didn't really stand out, and no one was noticing the muzzle of my pistol hanging below my jacket tail. If they saw it in passing they probably assumed it was some sort of cell phone holder that seems quite common now.

If you're really paranoid, get one of those fanny packs or little baggy things that go around your waste, they seem quite popular in the big cities, malls and such.
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