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I was an active reserve Deputy Sheriff for 15 years, and a Police Chief for 2 years.
You will have a problem figuring out what is going on a large percentage of the time if it is not a one on one assault on yourself. I have been on a shots fired call that when we figured out exactly who the players were and what was going on, it was Drug Buyers having a dispute with Drug Sellers. After the fact we (the cops) were of the opinion it would not have been a big loss if everyone involved had been killed during the incident. It would have reduced the Crime Rate in a couple Counties.

I have heard people to include myself make the comment "I would have done this or that if it had been me". A high percentage of the time you have no idea at all what you would do till it is over. If you had the same incident happen to you on Monday, then repeated it again on Tuesday you very well might not react exactly the same way on both days. You might not process what you are seeing and hearing exactly the same both days. See my point, you may not even know what you would have done till it is over in some situations.

The comment about Rural Folks being more inclined to just deal with the problem is very true. I live in a large County in a very rural area with low population density. In the middle of the night IF a Deputy is on duty, he could be 60 miles away by curvey 2 lane road that has Double Yellow Lines on over 50% of it. He is showing up to take a report, and sort out what happened after it is over most of the time. It may not be much better in day time either.

Then you have different personalities who have a CCW. You might be an Armed Sheep, or an Armed Sheep Dog. Guess which one is going to step up to the plate for others more often? My brother and I make a good example of this. We both have a Concealed Carry Weapon Permit. In Defensive Pistol Matches I normally beat him, however he is a way better shot than 90% of the Law Enforcement Officers who you might get to shoot in a Defensive Pistol Match. He is plenty capable of taking care of himself. I would be way more likely to get involved in a situation not involving myself Quicker, than he would.

Being an Armed Citizen you need to be WAY more careful getting involved than a Police Officer. You need to make sure you are in the right before stepping up to the plate. Big difference between 4 Gang Bangers shooting at each other, than someone coming in to a restaurant an opening fire on the crowd, which includes you and your family. The 4 Gang Bangers could be 2 Under Cover Cops and 2 Criminals. You have a much better chance of knowing what is going on at the Restaurant. AND You are justified reacting to the situation. One situation you need to step up to the Plate, and one situation you need to stay out of harms way, and report what happened the best you can when the Police arrive, or not.

Just My Two Cents


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