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I'm sorry Zinc but where them came from is what makes them even more important.

The founding fathers knew what they laid out wasn't perfect and they allowed for changes to be made... But as I read it and understand what their thoughts were, was the things that are original to the Bill of Rights must exist and cannot be eliminated...

In the coming days I would not be surprised to see a push to change the 2A. There are lines of thought safety can only come when the government is the only entity that can legally bear arms... I disagree with these lines of thought. I think its important to try to spell out to people why we don't change any line of the Bill of Rights to create "Safety". This doesn't only speak to the 2A but the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Religion.

I'm am not even suggesting the votes exist out there to change the 2A, but as part of our interaction with our neighbors and friends it might be good to remind them were these things come from and why they are their. None of us here are immortal, it is important that part of our legacy to freedom that we inform future generations so they too can protect it and understand it.
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