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The gun smith I was referring to builds custom barrels, Benchmark Barrels is the name, he also owns the company, he has been building custom rifles for many years. He did ask me for my fired brass and new brass, I don't recall exactly what all he did? I do remember him darkening the case with something and slowly chambering it and that's when we could see the problem was coming from the shoulder, that's when he suggested he could take off a few thousandths from the bottom of my die body, believe me he has the machinery there to do it! But after we talked it over I asked if it would matter if we took that small amount of material off the top of the shell holder instead of the die, a 6 or 8 dollar shell holder made more scense than a new sizer die, losing the warranty on the die. Anyway that's what we done and it worked fabulous! Look up Bench Mark Barrels those guys turn out some amazing stuff! I believe they hold some records with there barrels? I don't keep up anymore but I have known the owner/operator for many years
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