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Well I did some horse trading, & got a really nice older Remington 700, in 35 Whelen ( LGS didn't think it has ever been shot, came from an estate, & the previous ower had several 35 Whelans ) this is a really nice looking rifle, has quite a few handling dings, but mechanically looks unfired...

I think it looks nice between my 2 stainless Stalkers on the right side...

I'm still trying to decide, what to fill the spot ( 2nd down on the left ) between 7 X 57 & 30-06... the 2 I'm most considering right now ( partly because my current 7 X 57 is on a 93 Mauser, so I can't really load that one at max ), is 280 Remington, or 7mm Magnum... I have a buddy that would sell me either, & another buddy that has alot of extra 7 mag cases... I'm leaning towards the mag, because there will be more jump over my 93 Mauser, & I already did a 30-06 base cartridge with the 35 Whelen... but I have yet to look at either rifle... one may just wink & smile at me, & whisper "take me home" either would be a fine addition...
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