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Difference in attitude about personal defense

It seems there's quite a difference in how members of the various gun forums view their role as CCW licensees in the cruel world. At least a couple of the forums I peruse are adamant about "hiding, calling 911, and only using a firearms as a last resort to save yourself". I agree that this is probably the safest and will cause the least chance of liability issues. BUT how do you or would you live with yourself after "allowing" others to be murdered knowing you had the resource to stop the action?
Is it that some folks are just so self centered that they can intentionally allow others to be hurt or killed simply because they don't feel they should get involved? Is it that many lack confidence in their ability to use their firearm except as a last resort? So often there are references to"trainers" who recommend that people are better off hiding in a hole until the boogey man ferrets them out and they must act or die. Maybe it's the city/rural split in how problems are approached. City folks expect to be able to dial 911 and have any problem solved ASAP. Rural folks are more likely to just handle it and make a call for cleanup.
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