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I'm on the same quest -- the Yugo's been sitting in the safe for almost 10 years, still in cosmo, and I did some research on scopes and stocks for her last year - but had to delay that. Now I'm back on the hunt for new furniture and a scope mount.
Likely going with a Richard's stock - they make `em for the Yugo, and the price is terrific (under $150.00). Mounts, though? To leave the rifle intact means cantilever or scout mount, and with my eyes I think a 2-7x won't reach out far enough. Not sure if anyone's making cantilever today, I heard Iron Elite was making them, but not sure if they are still open for business.
Maybe it'll come down to my making one myself....

good luck, and straight shooting


p.s. if you haven't checked out SurplusRifle, please do so - they are great!
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