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First AR build

Well I have finally decided to build an AR-15. I have been wanting one for a while but could not find exactly what I wanted for the price I wanted so building my own became the obvious choice. I am starting off with a Black Rain Ordinance billet lower receiver, CMMG lower parts kit, and a VLTOR butt stock. My local FFL that I got this from didn't have the buffer tubes in stock but when they do I will pick it up to complete the lower.

I am still not exactly sure what I am going to go with for an upper or if I will buy the tools to build that also but it will most likely be some variation of a 16" flat top.

I ordered the tools I will need to put the lower together from midway today so hopefully this week I will have it assembled. Looking through the evil black rifle picture thread a couple times motivated me to get this project going so I owe it to all you guys that already build awesome AR's to post my build as it progresses .
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