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Why did you order two different models/calibers at the same time?
Not sure what the meaning of your question is?

Why not? I have a number of other calibers as well and these 2 were needed in my collection. I have wanted both calibers for a long time and I finally had the money to get them. If I would have ordered one and waited to get the other most certainly the money would have been spent on something else not gun related and I was not letting my chance to get them pass me me by.

Heading to the range on Tuesday this time with .45 ammo! LOL

I have to say from what I can tell by snap cap firing the XDM the trigger is smooth as silk! The Glock's trigger has some uptake but is crisp. I ordered the Ghost Rocket connector and spring kit for the Glock and my SR9. The SR9 is in serious need of trigger help and I hope this does the trick?
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