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My primary carry these days is a Sig 232, I don't tend to get too caught up in caliber but I feel perfectly comfortable carrying 7+1 of .380, especially since I can shoot 2" groups at 25 ft in rapid fire with this gun. There are 9mm's the same size as the 232 but I don't shoot them nearly as well, also none of the 9mm's in that size range are DA/SA. I am in no way recoil shy, my carry gun for 2 years was a .357 snub that I used to load with hot 125gr rounds, I just really like the 232. I shoot it well, it conceals easily, feels great in the hand, I prefer it's DA/SA platform, and it's a damn nice looking gun (not usually the case in small carry pistols). If they made the 232 in 9mm it would probably be my favorite handgun of all time, and I don't see why they cant. I know blow back pistols don't do well with high pressure rounds but sticking with standard pressure 9mm could work.

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