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Redhawk wrote:

I know this will in fact be over looked, but, one of my best investments was a little Beretta 21a Bobcat 22lr. It's hard to shoot, but it is accurate for what it is. After shooting a 100 rounds per session at first makes you appreciate your other handguns BIG TIME.

It's paid for it self in cost more than 3-4 times over so far. I hit 16 (paper plate) out of 32 (16 flyers) CM and not one miss at 25 yards. And 6 real flyers on target.

TBS, don't take my word for it!

PS: it doesn't like Rmingtons nor do I!

Just didn't want you to get overlooked, Redhawk. The 21A is a great little .22lr and is on my short list to get one.
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