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I dont see anything wrong with your plan as far as plans go. Pretty much the same as I would do from the photos. All I can offer is a little advise gleaned from personal experiences.
1. Plan that your plan will go to heck should something occur.
2. Dont assume that because you see no reason anyone would invade your home that they wont. I wont go into details but mine was early afternoon several years ago. I live in the country. Low crime here at that time. No motive, nothing taken, but resulted in the shooting death of a family member. The shooter/shooters were never caught. He/she/they even locked the door on the way out.
3 Most important, never ever be out of reach of your weapon in any room of your home day or night. Your weapon wont do you much good if someone breaks in while your in the bathroom and your weapon is in the living room.
4 Expect that what you expect isnt what will happen.
Good luck and may you never have to use your plan my friend.

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