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Picture? There is a little pin thingy behind the trigger that the lever
hits when closed---it's a safety device to keep you from firing without
the lever all the way closed. That--or something else?
It is a safety device to keep the gun from firing if the lever isn't all the way closed. There is a block behind the trigger. When you close the lever it pushes that pin up which pushes the block up so the trigger can be pulled. It is especially important with the '73 action for the lever to be fully closed. There is no breach block on the '73. It relies totally on the toggle link to hold the bolt in battery. The two pieces of the toggle link need to be in a straight line with each other to hold the bolt closed. The lever is attached to the center pivot point of the two toggle links and they are not alligned in a straight line and the bolt is not fully in battery if the lever is not fully closed.

In this picture you can see the pin.

In this picture you can see the block behind the trigger.

In this picture I am pushing in the pin with my finger. You can see the block has lifted out of the way so the trigger could be pulled.

This is just a better picture of my '73.
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