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Google is my friend..

Last I understood it the TAVOR is being phased in slowly , mainly on the unit level? At least that's what I read a couple of years ago.

Keep in mind while the Israeli's front line MBT is the merkava IV, they still have old M48's and M60 tanks in use with reserve units...Israeli's don't just scrap equipment like us, they seem to mothball it sort of like the Soviets did. Heck the Israeli's just took the last F-4's out of service in 2004.

I imagine you are still going to be seeing the UZI, M4 and M16 in regular use for the foreseeable future. I don't think its any sort of a mark for or against the TAVOR.

I know I can get a good AR and a Half for the same price as a TAVOR but I am willing to give a more modern system a chance.

Nifty... If the weight was around 6.5lbs I might bite. Something tells me it's heavier.
Looks like the weight of the Micr-Tavor is around 6.5 lbs, with a 10.5" barrel. I would have to imagine the US version is a little closer to 7 or 7.5 lbs.

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