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Is the 380 round good enough??? You tube has a demo with spare ribs in front of a hunk of meat. The round fired was a 380 Hornady critical defense. I think the distance was something like 10-15 feet or so. At any rate, the round flattened out at the rib and stopped. Then again, 22 rounds have done is lots of folks. I have a 380 but carry Buffalo Bore 100gr +P hardcast for the first 3 rounds, then alternate with BB's +P JHP's. Will that work? Depends on what I hit! The news today reported that a highway patrol officer fired some rounds and hit a person who was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. I don't know what they carry, but it may be a 40 cal. I was told that a well placed BB is better than a 50 cal miss any day. I think to practice tactical scenarios and not spending all your time on paper will help. Join a gun club that has that kind of training. You may find some folks that can train you safely and properly. It's also fun.
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