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"You may as well carry a Glock 20 with some hot 10mm solids or a 460 Rowland with some hot solids."

I don't understand why we cannot keep it real. No, neither the 10mm at 750 ft lbs with a 220 grain hard cast bulet with a much smaller meplat or the .460 Rowland (which I love) at around 1,000 ft lbs with a 230 grain bullet with a much smaller meplat, are not even on the same planet as a hard cast 360 grain WLN .454 out of a "short barrel" .454 Ruger Alaskan at aound 1,250 fps. Even at such a slow speed, that will blow through anything in its path.

From the thread I linked above:

"Shot the following over the chrono out of a 454 Alaskan:

454 Casull Ammo - 360 gr. L.B.T. - L.W.N. (1,425 fps/M.E. 1,623 ft. lbs.) ran @ 1230fps - carrying this on an elk hunt. - no time to roll my own."
(Energy of 1,210 foot-pounds for a 360 grain bullet at 1230 fps)

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