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Ugly little Sister

Some of you may know what a sucker I am for the TC Senecas. I often refer to the .45's as the little Brother to the TC Hawken Model and the .36's as the little Sister. Well, at yester's Gun Show one dealer that I know very well, had one on the rack. After asking permission to inspect it, I dropped my bore light down the barrel and what a mess it was. You guys know how hard it is to read a bore full of dust and other "hangy-things". Showed the bore to the dealer and we proceeded negociating. Like most dealers, he had little appreciation for M/L's and I managed to buy it very reasonable. I did tell him that I thought I could put it back, in shootable state. Soaked it last night and cleaned it today. Once again, I got lucky and although she is not as pretty as some others, she still touched my heart. .....

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