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Update: I got the TCP. Had the chance to shoot it today. It's fairly easy to shoot, considering. My first five shots at 10 yards were in a ~3 inch circle, which I'm happy with. Trigger is great, sights are somewhat usable, but could be tough to use against black backgrounds. The only negatives are that the trigger guard hits my trigger finger upon unless I can mitigate this issue, I'll only be able to shoot a box in one go. Also, that $%#@ takedown pin is a pain in the butt to get back in (it helps to put it in partway before putting the slide back on the gun). I shot ~50 rounds, with a mix of Federal FMJ and Prvi-Partizan FMJ, no malfunctions with either. I'll post a more full range report after I have some more time with the gun. Thanks for the opinions and comments! I so far I really like this gun, and am very happy with my purchase.

Also, shooting guns is fun!
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