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Are there other options for improving on the standard stock?

Aside from fit and ergonomics, a rifle's stock must be able to retain the action so that it does not move under recoil, and that it is done so that the receiver is free from "stress" (uneven pressures, points of contact, etc.).

Stocks are available- like the AccuStock- with integral aluminum bedding blocks that are designed to provide the perfect "bed" for the receiver to lie in. Reviews on the AccuStock are mixed, neither of my Savages live in one.

In the absence of aluminum bedding blocks, rifles are accurized by bedding the receivers in epoxy, and installing pillars for the action screws so that there is consistent torque on the receiver and the stock is not compressed, nor is it affected by temperature and humidity if a wood stock. Modern laminate stocks (like Boyd's) have pretty much eliminated the effects of temp and moisture, but still need to be bedded and pillars installed for optimal results.

What is the intended use of the rifle? Minute of deer does not require the accuracy that 1000 yard shooting does....
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